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Fashion Design Contest Autumn Colours Kr


June - August 2021



Kraimod's new fashion design challenge "Autumn Colours" is dedicated to design of casual clothes in brown, grey and beige colours for men and women.

"Autumn Colours" is a contest for creative people from all over the world to support the collections of international fashion brands and is a part of Kraimod's "Initiative" Fashion Design Service.


Contestants should create illustrations in the product category casual clothes for men and women and send them to the project e-mail until August 31, 2021, indicating the topic "Autumn Colours", and their name, legal age, and country of residence.

Customer Group

Men and Women in Europe,

20 - 35 years old

Men and women who like the feeling of being the center of attention. They like to feel comfort and prefer only exclusive products of the highest quality.

Afterwards, the best designs will be offered to the international fashion brands to be included in their collections, enabling young, talented designers to get noticed and take their first steps on the international fashion scene.

Autumn Colours, Kraimod Fashion Design C

Pictures should to be sent in one of the following formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP, PSD, AI, or TIFF. They can be in color or a black-and-white graphic.

Please submit design illustrations to the following e-mail, indicating the topic "Autumn Colours", and your name, legal age, and country of residence until August 31, 2021. Multiple entries are allowed.


Styles sent to us after the deadline will be evaluated as normal applications for Kraimod's Initiative Service. The full version of the contest's terms and conditions can be found under the link: Contests - Terms & Conditions

The first results of the "Autumn Colours" contest will be available at the end of September 2021. The rest of the designs will stay on offer for fashion brands in the casual fashion category on an ongoing basis and the second-round winners can also be chosen.

As the contest envisages clothes production by third parties, we are not allowed to publicly announce the winning designs on our website or social networks due to copyright reasons. Only successful applicants will be informed about their results. 


Successful candidates receive Certificates of the Winner that can help them get into fashion design schools or land design jobs easier. They also receive the experience of collaborating with real fashion brands. Depending on the design's quality or success, the fashion brands may also decide to pay remuneration to the designers, ask us for the designer's contact details for future collaborations, or invite the designers to participate in hiring interviews.


Good luck!

The Kraimod Team

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