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Donatella Versace Biography Kraimod Fash

Born in the Italian town of Reggio di Calabria in 1955, the daughter of a businessman and a dressmaker to the aristocracy, Donatella was the youngest of four children. Even though Gianni was 10 years her senior, the two were proximate enough to each other. And by the age of 11, Donatella was even going with her sibling to discos and clubs.

In the wake of going to Florence University in the Seventies, Donatella joined Gianni's fledgling fashion company. She began dealing with his PR, but her involution went much deeper, as she was the most determined and consistent.

It was Donatella who thought of utilizing notable models for the catwalk appears, realizing it would produce more press coverage for the Versace label, and in the Nineties, she was given carte blanche to design an incipient line, versus.

Gianni's homicide changed Donatella's life perpetually. Her first reaction was to take the family off to a private resort in the Caribbean where they could mourn the loss of the designer together. The Spring-Summer 98 was also rescinded.


After that Donatella just realized that the show must go on. Gianni had told his sister perhaps after he was diagnosed ear malignant growth in the mid-Nineties that if anything somehow managed to transpire, she has to surmount that situation.

So she did. Her first collection went by a large group of famous people, was a triumph. But in typical Donatella fashion, she credited its success to the sewers and models and dedicated the exhibition to, "Gianni's love of work and to the entire staff.

This engendered a perfect environment to showcase the popular ‘Versace collections’. There are about 100 Versace boutiques open in the most exclusive cities of the world like Rome, Paris, Hong Kong, London, Dubai and, and New York.

This Fashion mammoth has stretched out its essence to urban areas like Rome, Dubai, Beijing, Jeddah, and Mumbai. The organization has built up another idea of design boutiques which is solely devoted to watches and Jewelry.

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