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Kraimod apparel and fashion designig contest,competition, project 2018, 2019. Fashion World.


Fashion World by Kraimod fashin and apprel designing contes, cometition, project 2018, 2019. International fashion sketch book.

The project "Fashion World" is a contest for creative people from all over the world to express their positive feelings, emotions, ideas and recollections about their country through fashion designs. 


The contestants should have created illustrations of a piece of clothing or a full look united under the topic “My Country”, add the description on how they came to the presented styles and which emotions inspired them for creation, and send them to the project e-mail.


Afterwards the best designs was chosen in order to present it to the wide public, enabling young talented designers to get noticed and make their first steps on the international fashion scene.

The applications were taken until the end of 2018.


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Halnetti Prathibha Wimarshini Perera, Sri Lanca
Kraimod Fashion Designing, Fahion World, Sri Lanca 2
Kraimod Fashion Designig, Fashio World, Sri Lanca 1
Kraimod Fashion Designig, Fahion World, Sri Lanca 3

This ensemble is consisting of waist cloth and the blouse, resembling the general attire of Sri Lankan women “Redda & Hattaya” fused with the mood of royalty depicted in Sigiriya frescoes with a touch of blue water lily. According to ancient literary works this flower is considered to be a symbol of virtue, discipline, and purity.

Hence, the blouse is modified to an asymmetric petal design. Inner layer of the blouse is in yellow with a hem finishing of beaded tassels to resemble pollen grains. The waist cloth is given a crackled dye effect to denote the age old craft called Batik a popular craft of Sri Lanka.


‘Sigiriya’ frescoes are among the greatest depictions of women of ancient Sri Lanka. Therefore, the draping of waist cloth, the hairstyle and selection of jewelry, i.e. “Nalal pata”, the floral Head wear resembling blue water lily and the buds, gold earrings to denote leaves, gold bangles and “Hawadiya”, the waist ornament, are inspired by same. 

The Sri Lankan jungle fowl (Gallus lafayettii), is endemic to Sri Lanka, where it is the national bird. The significant crimson flame like comb, distinctive blackish blue sickles or tail with brilliant orange and brown saddle feathers are unique to jungle fowl. 

Hence, the colours and textures of this very creature are incorporated to traditional Sri Lankan women’s wear a draping of six yards of a cloth namely “Osariya”. The pallu piece or fall of the Osariya, which comes to the front under the frills are designed with the reddish brown hues of the saddle and hackle feathers. The body of the Osariya is designed with blue feathers while the background remains black.

Sesatha, is a circular intricately decorated sunshade made from the leaves of the talipot palm. Its origins link to the arrival of Arahat Theri Sangamitta, who introduced Buddhism to Sri Lanka during 3rd Century BC, bringing a sapling from the sacred bo tree. Sesath were required to shade the tender leaves of the young bo tree from the hot sun and other rituals.

Sesath were also used in temples and other religious rituals such as peraheras and dance performances and in important governmental buildings. 

Hence, bringing the aesthetics of the Sri Lankan heritage to life, this ensemble was created. It’s a below-knee length, circular skirt with a print resembling the graceful design of Sesath. The red belt symbolizes the lacquered Sesath pole.

Kraimod Fashion Design, Fashion World, Egypt

When people think of Egypt, they usually recollect the ancient Egypt with its powerful pharaohs, spectacular temples and unbelievable pyramids. The role of an ordinary woman from the countryside has always been neglected. In order to make this role more visible, the inspiration for the design was taken from the traditional Egyptian womenswear from the country.

The Egyptian woman is known for being patient and hard-working. The current outfit combines the possibility of being confident while working and at the same time the perception of staying elegant, and also includes the elements of traditional national culture transformed to fit the realities of the global society.

Kraimod Fashion Designing, Fashion World, India

India is a country which is very old as well as very modern. India is a land where every diversified culture got acceptance. Ever since the Indus valley civilization, cultural exchange has been consistent there that now the country has become a “garden of languages and races” with peaceful coexistence of every individual.


The letters on the garment are the first letters from every official language of India and the religious symbols represents that every individual belonging to his culture and religion has equal respect in the eyes of the mother land.

The country retains its own identity while accepting the western influence. In terms of technology, India has marked equal contribution in innovation and accepted the scientific progress, which is also shown in the design. The garment depicts India, which has a soul of love, is the land of acceptance and tolerance for new ideas, culture and technology.

Eshraka Lotfy Ahmed, Egypt
Kanchankuntala Das, India
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Blue ribbon with stars


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