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Pierre Cardin Biography Kraimod Fashion

Cardin had an early enthusiasm for making designs that is why he wanted to be a couturier. Matured fourteen, Cardin was renowned as the best tailor in Saint-Etienne, Chez Bompuis. There he started a tailor apprenticeship.

After a few endeavors to move to Paris, Cardin was acquainted with Jeanne Paquin and secured a job at her Parisian house. In 1945 Bebe Berad and Marcel Escoffier were planning outfits for the film "La Belle et La Bete" and chose to utilize the House of Paquin to help for the clothes’ production. Magnetized by Cardin’s ebullience, the dyad asked him to work on the costumes. The film was cult prosperity and the costumes were widely exalted.

Becoming bored at Paquin, Cardin secured a job at Elsa Schiaparelli in 1946. Joining the job as a cutter he just remained for two months before leaving with the same anonymity. During this minute break in his profession, Berard and Escoffier introduced with a partner at Lucien Lelong, Christian Dior. The exordium was impeccable timing as Dior was just about to open his own house and offered Cardin a job in 1946.


In 1950, Cardin left Christian Dior and opened his own company. At first, the business planned outfits for theater, yet in 1953, Cardin introduced his first women assortment. This was trailed by the opening of his first boutique "Eve" in 1954. Three years later the launched his second boutique highlighting men's vivid ties and printed shirts.

In 1957 Cardin made his first visit to Japan. Obscure to the Japanese, his excursion his trip let himself to present at a fashion show at Tokyo’s fashion school “Bunka” and edify a course in making couture habiliments.

Cardin became the first French couturier to earn the fame and cognizance in the country. In 1959 Cardin introduced his first ready-to-wear ladies' clothes in Paris. The next year his first men's collection was introduced, trailed by the formation of the men's ready-to-wear wardrobe.

By 1990 Cardin had propelled another trademark; opened furniture lines, boutiques worldwide, developed dolls, champagne, and opened restaurants. In 1991 Cardin held a design appear in Red Square, Moscow before 200,000 individuals. After two years he added a beautifier’s line to his consistently developing business. And finally in 1994 Cardin opened the Pierre Cardin Fashion and Design Center.

Excellently trained, Pierre Cardin’s adeptness is likened to that of Balenciaga and Schiaparelli with his prosperity due to a marketing strategy years ahead of his time.

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