Accelerate your design process and embrace creativity in its full. Almost any style of dress can be easily produced from the provided templates. You can either print the needed templates for further hand drawing or export them to use in illustration software for further digital drawing. Just place the necessary elements and colors on the ready fashion figures.



  • Time saving
  • Perfect proportions
  • Multiple layouts
  • Easy to use


In the document, you will find templates for the 12 most popular and commercial styles of dresses:

  • A-line dress, open
  • A-line dress, without sleeves
  • A-line dress, with sleeves
  • A-line dress, carmen neckline
  • Etui dress, open
  • Etui dress, without sleeves
  • Etui dress, with sleeves
  • Etui dress, carmen neckline
  • Long dress, open
  • Long dress, without sleeves
  • Long dress, with sleeves
  • Long dress, carmen neckline


All the dresses are designed with the following variations:

  • Front
  • Front Transparent
  • Front Back
  • Front Back Transparent
  • Front Back 2x
  • Front Back 2x Transparent
  • Front 4x
  • Front 4x Transparent


In addition, you will receive a female fashion figure template for free drawing.


Number of Pages: 107

Format: PDF


Fashion Design Templates - Dresses

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