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Kraimod is a digital union of international designers with the office in Berlin, Germany.

The main goal of the union is to promote creative ideas of people who are just starting their career in the fashion business or want to make a professional breakthrough in this competitive and very specific industry.

By means of own experience and wide network of personal contacts we implement the best ideas from all over the world into fashion designs breaking all the conservative rules and encouraging cross-border cooperation.

No matter where do you come from, what is your gender, age or professional background, you have the same chances to start a career in fashion designing as everybody else. The only important things are your creativity and talent.

The main form of work at Kraimod are fashion designing contests done in collaboration with successful fashion brands. An experienced team of fashion designers and merchandisers evaluate the contest entries and submit them to the brands for the final decisions.

Some of the projects are conducted directly by Kraimod and in most cases have non-profit character promoting general interest in creative designing, cultural interconnections and educational exchange.

We believe in global future of fashion design with equal chances for everybody to be noticed. If you share our philosophy, don't hesitate to contact us or become a part of our network.


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