Apr 2

Which fashion design contests would you like to participate in?


Edited: Apr 2

Tell us which type of contests are you interested in. Which topics are the most attractive and inspiring in order to create the best fashion designs?

I would like to participate in Rock it Baby contest. Also I am quite interested in bridal collection contest, red carpet premiere collection contest, music award fest collection contest, spring - winter and autumn - summer collection contest and fairy tales / superhero theme contest.

Apr 3

Dear Shwetha, thank you very much for your feedback. We have sent your proposals to our contest team. Also feel free to send your wedding designs to the Initiative Service, where they automatically will be categorised into the "Bridal Fashion" unit and offered to the fashion companies every time one of them will need creative input in the wedding category.

Definitely luxury glamour fashion with its long dresses, lace and embroidery. Luxury streetstyle can also be interesting.

Apr 4

Something connected with sport in general or particular types of sports. Soccer or basketball will fit perfectly.

The fashion contest where you have to design accessories, especially bags or shoes.

I would like to participate in Rock it baby contest. Actually I have started one design for it. I like also to be in the gowns, dresses, or summer outfits designing.