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Holiday Time, Kraimod Fashion Design 202




March - April 2021









Finished Design Projects

Pink Modd Fashion Design Contest by Krai

Pink Mood

Pink as the main colour! Fashion design contest "Pink Mood" is dedicated to outfits for women in the glamour fashion category.

Kraimod Fashion Design Stripes Contest 2


Lines without limits! Fashion design contest "Stripes" is dedicated to outfits for women using striped elements.

New Reality Fashion Design Contest by Kr

New Reality

The World has changed! Fashion design contest "New Reality" is dedicated to designs of community face masks

Eyewear fashion design contest by Kraimo


Summer is coming! Fashion design contest "Sunglasses" is dedicated to designs of casual eyewear for women

Fashion Design Contest by Kraimod Jeans

Jeans Jacket

Denim! Denim! Fashion design contest "Jeans Jacket" is dedicated to designs of casual denim jackets


Animal Print

Nature inspired! Fashion design contest "Animal Print" is dedicated to designs of glamour clothes with animal print elements

Space Trip Fashion Design Contest by Kra

Space Trip

Flying into Space! Fashion design contest "Space Trip" is dedicated to designs of futuristic clothes for men and women

Jeans Kraimod Fashion Design August 2019


Interested in denim collections? Fashion design contest "Jeans" is dedicated to designs of casual jeans for men and women


Woman in Love

Everybody needs love! Fashion design contest "Woman in Love" is dedicated to designs of passionate evening dresses

Flowr Power by Kraimod

Flower Power

Flowers everywhere! Fashion design contest "Flower Power!" is dedicated to the outfits inspired by flowers

Summer Holidays by Kraimod Fahion Design

Summer Holidays

Summer! Sun! Beach! Love! Fashion design contest "Summer Holidays" is dedicated to casual holidays outfits

Fashion World by Kraimod Fashion Design

Fashion World

Fashion design contest "Fashion World" is dedicated to clothing and outfits inspired by the own countries of the designers.

Drama Queen Fashion Design Contest 2020

Drama Queen

A little Drama should always be! Fashion design contest "Drama Queen" is dedicated to outfits for women in the glamour category.

Business Woman Fashion Design Contest by

Business Woman

Corporate style! Fashion design contest "Business Woman" is dedicated to outfits made for strong and powerful women.

All In Gold Kraimod Fashion Design Conte

Golden Glamour

Gold everywhere! Fashion design contest "Golden Glamour" is dedicated to designs of glamour cocktail dresses

Ready for the date Fashion Design Contes

Ready for the Date

Ready for the date of your life? Fashion design contest "Ready for the Date" is dedicated to designs of cocktail dresses

Kraimod Fashion Design - Summer Blouse C

Summer Blouse

Summer is coming! Fashion design contest "Summer Blouse" is dedicated to designs of glamour blouses for women



Iconic classics! Fashion design contest "Sweatshirt" is dedicated to designs of casual sweatshirts for men and women

Kraimod Fashion Design - Branded T-Shirt

Branded T-Shirt

Iconic piece! Fashion design contest "Branded T-Shirt" is dedicated to designs of casual T-shirts for men and women

High Heels Kraimod Fashion Design August

High Heels

Only higher and higher! Fashion design contest "High Heels" is dedicated to designs of glamour high-heel shoes / pumps

Winter Jackets by Kraimod Fashion Design

Winter Jackets

Winter is coming! Fashion design contest "Winter Jackets" is dedicated to designs of winter jackets and coats

Backpack Adventure by Kraimod

Backpack Adventure

Fashion design contest "Backpack Adventure" is dedicated to the designs of casual functional backpacks

Little Black Dress by Kraimod Fahion Design

Little Black Dress

Fashion design contest "Little Black Dress" is dedicated to elegant black dresses that every woman should have

Business Style by Kraimod Fahion Design

Business Style

Fashion design contest "Business Style" is dedicated to the business fashion clothing and outfits for women 

Kraimod Fashion Design Sportswear Contes


Sport forever! Fashion design contest "Sportswear" is dedicated to outfits for women and men in the sportswear category.

Africa Inspired by Kraimod Fashion Desig

Africa Inspired

Back to the roots! Fashion design contest "Africa Inspired" is dedicated to outfits inspired by the African culture

T-Shirt for Him Kraimod Fashion Design C

T-Shirt. Men.

Cool and stylish! Fashion design contest "T-Shirt. Men." is dedicated to designs of casual t-shirts for men

Underwear Fashion Design Contest Kraimod


Feel pretty, feel comfortable! Fashion design contest "Underwear" is dedicated to designs of underwear for women

Kraimod Fashion Design- Party Dress Cont

Party Dress

A little party never killed nobody! Fashion design contest "Party Dress" is dedicated to designs of glamour dresses

Tulle Dress Fashion Design Contest 2019

Tulle Dress

Feminine and transparent! Fashion design contest "Tulle Dress" is dedicated to designs of dresses with tulle elements

shutterstock_1314379196 (4).jpg

Wool Coat

Stay warm and classic! Fashion design contest "Wool Coat" is dedicated to designs of wool coats for men and women



It should feel warm in winter! Fashion design contest "Knitwear" is dedicated to designs of warm knitted clothes.

Sweet Handbags - Kraimod Fashion Design

Sweet Handbags

 Bags needed? Fashion design contest "Sweet Handbags" is dedicated to the design of elegant handbags

Kraimod Fashion Design - Rock it baby co

Rock it, Baby!

Rock is alive! Fashion design contest "Rock it, Baby!" is dedicated to the outfits inspired by the rock music

Kraimod Fashion Designing - Bridal Speci

Bridal Special

Fashion design contest "Bridal Special" is dedicated to bridal fashion and let you create a perfect wedding dress