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Kraimod Fashion Design, Business Partners
Kraimod Fashion Design - Institutions, Universities, Schools
Kraimod Fahion Design, Designers and Applicants

Kraimod offers different services depending on partner type: business partners, institutions and designers.



The core of our operations is the global outsourcing of fashion design. We offer unique opportunities in supporting collection planning for your fashion company.


Imagine thousands of designers all around the world thinking about your brand and creating the best styles only for you. Such a reach and diverse creative input is impossible to gain through conventional fashion design methods.

The typical steps of receiving our design proposal are

  1. Preparing the online campaign

  2. Launching and marketing the online campaign

  3. Evaluating the received designs

  4. Final design proposal

Advantages of working with us

  • Global reach

  • Unique creative input

  • Low costs


Contact us via our Contact Form to discuss the possibilities of working together.

Kraimod Fashion Design, Business Partners


Kraimod cooperates with different kinds of institutions and organizations in the sphere of fashion education and fashion contests.

We offer

  • Permanent partnerships

  • Fashion design contests

  • Educational seminars

  • Media support

Contact us via our Contact Form to discuss the possibilities of working together.



We offer designers the possibility to participate in Kraimod's fashion design contests and projects. We also allow designers to submit their fashion designs without entering the contests by means of our "Initiative" service.

Kraimod's advantages for the designers are

  • Global approach

  • Wide network of fashion brands

  • All levels of experience are welcome

  • Certificate issued to each successful designer


Visit our Fashion Projects section and boost your fashion design career with us.

Kraimod Fashion Design - Fashion Illustration
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